This week Eric and I took a little trip down to Geneva, NY to go on some wine tastings and get away from work for a little while. We ended up discovering War Horse, this great little “soon-to-be-legendary” (as they call it) brewery on the shores of Seneca Lake. We tried 4 beers plus their old-fashioned root beer, which was AMAZING, by the way. Can’ t beat old fashioned root beer.

While the American Black Lager, Peace Bomber Ale, and India Pale Ale were certainly good, their Riesling Ale was the star of the show.

It’s a light wheat beer base with New York Riesling grape juice in it. The result is a little fruity, high on carbonation, not too hoppy, easy to drink, and TASTY. A perfect summer beer to match the…um…snow outside. (Well, it WAS sunny, I suppose.) I could drink this beer for hours on end. Unfortunately we only brought home one bottle.

Riesling Ale is a beer for anyone. It has a clean finish (no weird aftertaste), and is a unique taste you’re not going to get from your average summer ale.

Try this if you like: Bell’s Sparkling Ale

4 stars