Thanks to Mom and Dad, I got a delivery of Leinenkugel’s! Today’s selection is their “Limited”, which has been in and out of rotation for the past 25 years. Its last appearance was as “Northwoods Lager” about 3 or 4 years ago. This is one of the things I like about Leinie’s–their beers rotate, so your old favorites may disappear but they will always be back!  On to the review:

Leinie's LimitedThis beer was just like I remembered it: crisp and smooth with a clean finish. It is a very typical Leinenkugel’s brew–not very hoppy, not very malty, not fruity, but still pretty tasty. I immediately wanted to go tailgating. Leinie’s makes all my go-to tailgate brews and this one is no exception. You get a significant amount of taste compared to an American adjunct lager, but you get it on the cheap! (At least in Wisconsin you do…nothing is cheap in New York.)

I’m only giving this beer three stars because while I REALLY like it, it isn’t too exciting.

I’m heading down to NYC for the next two days, so hopefully I’ll have some beers to write about when I come back!

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