In case you haven’t noticed, I like beers with fun names. I’m also a HUGE fan of Monty Python. So buying this beer was a no-brainer. Middle Ages is located right in Syracuse so it’s quite accessible to me now. After I move to Chicago in August–not so much. (Side note: I’ve been reviewing a lot of NY beers lately. I’ll try for a different state on the next review.)

This was quite a nice beer. It’s a classic amber ale, perfect for relaxing on a Sunday night.  The aroma is a combination of malt and hops, and the taste is the same. It’s quite smooth–very balanced flavors. The taste of hops lingered on my tongue for a few seconds after each sip.

Grail Ale was crisp with a nice mouthfeel–not too heavy and just the right amount of effervescence. It was extremely easy to drink.

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4 stars