A friend of mine at work just got back from his honeymoon in Hawaii, and that reminded me that I picked up a beer from the Kona Brewing Company (this particular beer was semi-locally brewed in New Hampshire for the Hawaii based company.) Today’s selection is their Longboard Island Lager.

I sincerely hope this isn’t their best beer.  In fact, I’m almost certain it’s not. The aroma is mildly citrusy, and the taste is also slightly citrus. I don’t taste much of the malt or hops in this beer. My first thought was “generic lager,” and nothing I discovered upon drinking it made me change my mind.

Don’t get me wrong. The Longboard Island Lager wasn’t a bad beer by any means. It had a clean, crisp mouthfeel, good head when poured, and tasted just fine. But I expected something a little more exciting from a company that claims “Our approach is to create complex, full tasting beers with a relaxed style and charm that expresses our Hawaii based roots.”  I did not get the feel of the Hawaiian islands from this beer.

Thankfully, Kona has five other beers that are distributed to select mainland states. The Wailua Wheat and Pipeline Porter look particularly interesting.

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