The New Glarus Brewing Company is another one of my favorite breweries. Not only are they the epitome of a craft brewery: family run, local distribution only, constantly trying new things, but they also make some damn good beer.

If you’ve never experienced the wonder that is New Glarus beer, head on over to Wisconsin next chance you get. The brewery is located in New Glarus, WI, a small town near the Illinois border, about 45 minutes southwest of the capital of Madison.

Family-run and woman-founded (girl power!), this brewery packs a big punch in the craft beer market. With six year-round brews and six to eight seasonal brews, there’s bound to be something for everyone. I’ve already reviewed Spotted Cow, which is by far their best known beer, and is liked by just about everyone. For the more adventurous, they’ve got Belgian Red, made with real Door County cherries. For the organic-food-eating hipster in you, they’ve got Totally Naked, an all-natural beer that is quite tasty.

New Glarus is a great little brewery which makes some excellent beer. Should you ever find yourself in southern Wisconsin, do yourself a favor and get a Spotted Cow on tap. Or take some home to share with your friends.