Well, it’s been more than partly sunny here in Syracuse and I’ve been enjoying the wonderful weather. To celebrate, I cracked open a summery beer from the Ithaca Beer Company. (Yes, we’re back to NY beers…)

Partly Sunny is a classic Belgian Witbier brewed with coriander and other spices, as well as hints of orange.

Sorry there’s no pint glass picture…I was drinking this on my balcony and I really just wanted it right out of the bottle. The beer is a lovely cloudy straw color (as is typical of Belgian Witbiers.) The aroma of the beer is mild wheat with spices, and the taste is just the same. Honestly, this is basically a slightly better version of a Blue Moon. It was good but not too exciting or different. This is a “hanging out with your friends, grilling burgers” kind of beer.

Partly Sunny is a perfect sunny-day beer: light, refreshing, and just enough interesting flavor to keep you wanting to drink it.

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