While on vacation to Washington, D.C. this past weekend, I got to try a few new beers (and brought even more home!) Expect lots of updates in the next couple of weeks!

Today’s selection is from the Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Boonville, CA. I tried their “Summer Solstice,” which as you might have guessed, is their summer seasonal. It’s a copper-colored cream ale and it was excellent.

As you can see, the beer is a clear copper color. Not your typical summer drink at first glance. But the taste is all summer. The aroma of the beer is mostly malt with a mild hops scent. It was very creamy and smooth with a clean finish. The taste is malty, mildly hoppy, with mild sweetness from the fruits and spices used in the brewing. It is meant to be served at 40-45 degrees, although it will taste great right out of the fridge too.

No suggestions for this one. I’ve had cream ales before but not one with as much fruit and spice flavor.