I have quite a few friends who brew their own beer, and I’d like to start doing it myself once I move and my life calms down a little bit. With a little bit of practice, my friend Matthew has gotten quite good at homebrewing (just wait till you read my review of his Spotted Cow clone.) Since his beer is not (yet) available in stores, I’ve decided to talk a little bit about his homebrewing process. Once I finish reviewing his beer, of course!

Sadly I have no pictures of this beer, but then again, the beer was brewed in a plain brown bottle.

Matthew’s Oatmeal Stout is upon first sniff, most definitely an oatmeal stout. One point for him! It’s creamy, malty, just a hint of bitter, and full of good oaty taste. I would like to see a bit more espresso or chocolate flavor just to shake things up a bit though. All in all, I’m giving his oatmeal stout a solid 3 pints.

Some of you may be wondering what you need to start brewing your own beer. The American Homebrewers Association is a great resource for how to get started, and other related topics. Happy brewing!

Matthew got his equipment from South Hills Brewing Supply in Pittsburgh (and he says their store is better than their website.) Check out the AHA link above to find homebrew stores near you. He gets his ingredients from Austin Homebrew supply (here’s the oatmeal stout kit he used) or Northern Brewer, which has retail stores in St. Paul, MN and Milwaukee, WI.