I’m mixing it up today with another homebrew review, again by my friend Matthew. This one is a Spotted Cow clone he’s affectionately named Striped Cow.

Striped Cow is everything you want from a farmhouse cream ale/saison ale. Honestly, if it had been in a Spotted Cow bottle I may have thought it WAS Spotted Cow. New Glarus Brewing Company should be proud. Or perhaps concerned about being undercut. Good thing Matthew isn’t making profits yet. 🙂

Matthew’s Striped Cow was a little fruity, midly hoppy, and VERY easy to drink. It was flavorful and just generally delicious. Perhaps I’m biased (because Striped Cow’s commercial twin is one of my favorite beers) but that’s okay.

With any luck, someday all my friends and I will open a brewery and unleash upon the world our wonderful creations.