I’m always a little wary of true American Stouts. They just don’t seem to have much flavor unless you are specifically having a chocolate, coffee, or oatmeal stout. Though, every once in a while you find some fantastic gems amongst the roughage. Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout comes to mind.

Old Dominion’s Oak Barrel Stout, however, was not one of the aforementioned gems. Don’t get me wrong, it was by no means a bad beer. However, it left a lot to be desired.

The aroma of this beer was faint roasted malts and coffee. It tasted about the same. A friend said it reminded him of Guinness (the kind you buy in America) and I agree. It was just too plain for my tastes. Oak Barrel Stout does, however, have an excellent mouthfeel: smooth and creamy.

It was a good stout, but I wish it had just a little bit more.

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