Imagine my surprise to discover this excellent beer was from a tiny town not far from Syracuse: Canandaigua–where one of my coworkers just happens to be from. Naked Dove is a tiny, fairly new brewery (less than a year old!) And tonight’s selection is only their fourth beer.

Well, congratulations, Naked Dove, Berry Naked is awesome!

Ignore the Saranac glass. I was at a bar, what do you want?

Berry Naked is a black raspberry ale with a gorgeous reddish-purple color. It had a strong aroma of raspberries and a slightly less strong flavor of raspberries. The black raspberry flavor was a great choice–I’ve had raspberry beers before that just didn’t quite cut it (Southern Tier’s comes to mind.) This ale was a nice balance of fruit flavor and bitterness–smooth, crisp, and very tasty.

This ale is a tasty example of what fruit beer can be if done correctly.

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5 Stars