Of course, I finally get around to reviewing a Syracuse beer after I’ve left ‘Cuse. (In my defense, I had tonight’s selection from a keg at my going-away party…and then bought a bottle so I could review it properly.)

I’m also going to try a slightly new format for the blog. I want to stay accessible to those who don’t know much about beer and who want to branch out, but also to fall more in line with traditional beer reviews. I’ll be following Beer Advocate’s reviewer guidelines. You’ll have to let me know if you like the new format.

Tonight’s selection is Swallow Wit, a typical Belgian Witbier, from the Middle Ages Brewing Company in Syracuse, NY.

Style: Belgian Witbier. These beers are pale and cloudy (which means they are unfiltered,) and generally spiced with coriander or orange peel. I’ve reviewed quite a few of these style beers (this might just be my favorite style, actually) and they are very popular in America. And–American breweries tend to be very true to style with these beers.

Overall Impression: This beer is great. It’s fairly mild and with a low alcohol content, so it would make a great session beer. It would probably be good with hot or spicy foods (like my favorite bar food, buffalo wings.)

Appearance: As you can see from the photo, Swallow Wit is a cloudy, gold beer. Good head when poured, but doesn’t retain. Mildly carbonated.

Smell: You can tell this is a Witbier even without looking at it. It has that spicy/fruity aroma which is so typical amongst these beers.

Taste: Excellent. It has a mild initial bitterness which fades as you sip. It tastes exactly like it should: a wheat beer with orange and coriander.

Mouthfeel: Smooth and light. Doesn’t linger on your tongue (no aftertaste.)

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5 Stars