Well, we’ve finally done it. A few months ago, Groupon had an awesome deal for a homebrew starter kit from Midwest Homebrew and Winemaking Supplies. For the price of the beginner’s kit, you got a free recipe kit. We chose an Irish Stout for our first homebrewing adventure.

Now unfortunately the kit doesn’t come with a kettle, so we have to obtain one of those, but once get that and find a good place to ferment our beer, I’ll be reviewing our homebrews and making comments on the process. Don’t worry, I’ll still be reviewing commercial microbrews!

Eric examining our homebrewing kit. Doesn't he look great?

The kit came with all the necessary tubing, a fermentation tank (aka 5-gallon bucket), a bottling bucket (also aka 5-gallon bucket), a hydrometer, and a fermentation thermometer. And of course, our lovely Irish stout mix. I cannot wait to try this in a few months!