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You’re Making This Really Hard

This weekend I was asked by a visiting guest to provide recommendations for a beer that he would like. Specifically the boyfriend and I were planning on taking him out to dinner at one of Goose Island’s two brew pubs in Chicago. So, naturally, the first thing you ask in reply is “well, what do you like?”

The answer we got was not helpful for two self-proclaimed beer snobs. “Well, I like that one by Miller that comes in the clear bottle…oh but not Bud, that I don’t like.” To be fair, if I was asked to choose Miller over Bud I’d choose Miller every time. Bud tastes like piss water, whereas Miller tastes like it may have once been beer. He went on to say that Coors was okay and so was Michelob. But he didn’t want anything that was too bitter, or too dark, or too malty.

My conclusion, which the boyfriend brought up, was “Oh, so you like water flavored?”

So here I am, sitting here wondering what on earth he’d order at Goose Island. Unlike many craft breweries, Goose Island simply does not have generic American light lagers. 312, while fairly generic, is a wheat beer and tastes like it. Honkers Ale is too hoppy. The rest of the them weren’t even worth considering.

Why am I posting this? Because, friends and followers, there is a WORLD of beer out there for you to discover if you’re willing to try something new! Wait until you’ve actually tried a Bock, a Witbier, a summer ale, a stout, or a Scotch ale to say you don’t like them. Like me: I don’t like Hefeweizens, but I’ve tried at least 4 or 5 different ones. I also am not a huge fan of IPAs, but I will drink those.

For example, if I had never decided to branch out into the world of stouts, I would have missed things like Dogfish Head’s Worldwide Stout, or Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, or best of all, Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout.

So, for the love of all that is tasty, if your friends think MGD 64 is the best the beer world has to offer (or even if you think so, though I doubt you’re reading this blog if you are) please convince them to try something new! That way when you’re asked for a recommendation, you’re not at a complete loss as to what to do.

The Guide Now on Untappd!

Yes, I’ve finally joined the 21st century and just got Untappd. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s an app that lets you track the beers you drink as well find good places to drink nearby. I’ve been aware of it for quite awhile but just never joined.

You can connect via Facebook if you happen to know me in real life, but in case you don’t and you want to connect anyway, my user name is BeerSnobette.

Look for a new post tomorrow and a new review next week Monday! And I’m on a TWO WEEK break from grad school this week, so hopefully I’ll have a bunch of new reviews to write as well.

The Beer Snobette: On Facebook!

So, I have a Facebook page. And maybe you do too (in fact, you probably do…) You should like my Facebook page! Then you’ll get notifications of updates and I’ll show up in your newsfeed. Beer in your newsfeed. The only way this could be better is if there were ACTUAL beer in your newsfeed. I’ll work on making that happen. So anyway–click the link below and become a fan of my page!

How to Spot A Beer Snob

How to Spot A Beer Snob.

From a fellow beer blogger over at Bloggin’ ‘Bout Beer. It was so good I just had to share.

Homebrew Beginnings

Well, we’ve finally done it. A few months ago, Groupon had an awesome deal for a homebrew starter kit from Midwest Homebrew and Winemaking Supplies. For the price of the beginner’s kit, you got a free recipe kit. We chose an Irish Stout for our first homebrewing adventure.

Now unfortunately the kit doesn’t come with a kettle, so we have to obtain one of those, but once get that and find a good place to ferment our beer, I’ll be reviewing our homebrews and making comments on the process. Don’t worry, I’ll still be reviewing commercial microbrews!

Eric examining our homebrewing kit. Doesn't he look great?

The kit came with all the necessary tubing, a fermentation tank (aka 5-gallon bucket), a bottling bucket (also aka 5-gallon bucket), a hydrometer, and a fermentation thermometer. And of course, our lovely Irish stout mix. I cannot wait to try this in a few months!

Limited Internets

I know I promised new posts once I moved, and I’ve been here for a week, and no posts! However, I have an excuse–we were supposed to get our internet set up last Tuesday. Due to a frustrating mix-up where Comcast had the phone number off by one digit (despite having made the appointment with the right one), and the stupid technician KNOCKING ON THE FRONT DOOR OF THE LOBBY AND EXPECTING SOMEONE TO ANSWER…we’re not getting internet till Friday.

So I’m currently using my boyfriend’s Nexus S as a mobile hotspot, which works just fine but I’d rather not post until we get internets. Never fear though, I’ve been drinking and reviewing—so expect a flurry next week!

Quick update

I know I’ve been sort of MIA lately–and here’s why. Tomorrow, I’m loading up a moving truck and trekking the 687 miles from my current abode in Syracuse, NY to Chicago. So I haven’t had a lot of time to blog about beer….or drink beer, really. But no fear! Next week I will be bored and (hopefully) only part-time employed, so I’ll be able to blog a lot more. Until I start grad school in September….