Because craft beer is infinitely better than mass-produced piss-in-a-can. Also, for all you hippies out there, craft beer is about locally produced fare that tastes great and that you won’t find anywhere else.

Occasionally I will drink a non-craft beer. I can’t help it that Blue Moon is made by Coors. And Blue Moon isn’t a bad beer, especially when it’s two-for-$1 taps at my favorite bar. Also, my favorite brewery happens to be owned by Miller. But I forgive them because it means that a Wisconsin beer company distributes allllllll the way out here in upstate New York.

If you’ve never tried a craft beer because you don’t know what you’d like, and you don’t want to spend $4 (or more!) on a pint of something you’ll hate (which I understand), here’s a hint. If it says lager and it’s fairly light in color (we’re not talking Budweiser light here, think a golden color), you will probably like it.

And if you’ve never tried an American craft beer because “imports are better”, shame on you. There are plenty of great craft breweries all over America, and they do a damn good job with their beer.

Trust me. I started out drinking Miller High Life (because that’s what college kids DO) from kegs in red plastic solo cups in sweaty basements with 300 of my closest friends. (More true than you know….thanks marching band.) And now I love me some good old craft beer.