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Best Winter Brews

From CNN’s Eatocracy and Nathan Berrong, comes a list of the best winter brews.

The only one of the beers listed that I’ve had is Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale, which I liked a lot. Haven’t had it in awhile but maybe I’ll have to pick some up before Christmas. And I just might have to see if I can find some of the others on the list.

Bell’s Brewery: Batch 9000

The best part about being a beer snob is when you have friends who are too.  Thanks to Jenn and Paul, I got to try two excellent selections. The first is from Bell’s Brewery: an American strong ale called Batch 9000.

That lovely dark color and good head is just the first indication that this is going to be a good beer. Served in a goblet, the aroma of molasses nicely sits just above the head in the glass. On first taste, you’ll be surprised that it doesn’t taste as heavy as it looks. It’s not a beer you’d want to have four of in a row, but a bottle won’t make you feel tired. The flavor is molasses and a hint of chocolate, with a fruitier sweetness, probably from the raisins and plums used in the brewing. The bottle also claims that there is licorice flavor, but I didn’t taste any. (Which was fine. I hate licorice.)

All in all, this was an excellent beer. Unfortunately it’s limited release and not available anymore…but maybe you can find a friend who’s got some they are willing to share.

Try this if you like: Bell’s 25th Anniversary Beer, Sam Adam’s Utopias, Great Lakes Nosferatu.

5 Stars

Bell’s In Cans?!

Bell’s Brewery announced it is going to start selling its beer in cans in 2012. Bell’s stated that this move will open up new opportunities in the boating, golf, and other sporting industries that just aren’t there with bottles. And as a friend of mine stated, now you can go out in your canoe with a Bell’s!

So, is this a good thing or a bad thing? I suppose “only time will tell.” But hey, now you can tailgate with your Two-Hearted and not feel like you’re being too fancy for football!