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Blue Moon: Spring Blonde Wheat Ale

Yeah, yeah….Blue Moon isn’t exactly craft beer but I haven’t been drinking anything else interesting in the past week or so. I did pick up a mix-your-own six-pack at Wegman’s with some new options so expect a lot of reviews soon!

So, here it is. The Spring Blonde Wheat Ale (Blue Moon’s spring seasonal) is a clear golden ale. There isn’t much for aroma, and the mouthfeel isn’t anything but tingly. On first sip, you can tell it’s a wheat beer. It’s a little bit fruity,  and a little bit sweet. It tastes pretty good on first gulp, but the aftertaste is kind of weird. It’s hard to explain…just not a very good taste left in my mouth.

The picture isn’t very good. I really must bring my camera with me, but I didn’t think Buffalo Wild Wings would have anything even worth blogging about. This beer got better if I took bigger gulps, but that odd after taste never left me.

Try this if you like: Other Blue Moon beers. This wasn’t great, but not bad.

Boulder Beer Company: Old Chicago Black Diamond Chocolate Porter

Whew—that’s a mouthful! The Boulder Beer Company in Colorado makes this lovely chocolate porter. I believe this was made specifically for Old Chicago, because I can’t find it on their website. Oh well.

Chocolate Porter

It pours beautifully with this dark ruby color, and there’s chocolate all around; from the first scent to the aftertaste. Don’t let the darkness fool you–it’s light, as one might expect from a porter. The initial taste of chocolate then gives way to malt and then hops.

OCBDCP was a pretty decent chocolate porter, but as far as chocolate beers go, there are far better ones.

I’d recommend another chocolate porter to try, but I haven’t personally had any that I can remember clearly, so I’ll leave you to google Chocolate Porters and find one in your area. For those of us in New York, Horsehead Brewery does make one.