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Dogfish Head: Festina PĂȘche

Dogfish Head is probably one of America’s best craft breweries–not necessarily because everything they brew is fantastic, but because they are willing to try new and exciting things. Sometimes they succeed in incredible ways. Bitches Brew, anyone? Unfortunately, sometimes they also fall short, like tonight’s selection.

Festina Peche did just about everything a BerlinerWeisse beer is supposed to do–I just didn’t like it. Too much peach and not enough of anything else.

And the bottle was so pretty too...

Festina Peche is a mildly cloudy, golden yellow beer brewed with peach extract in the BerlinerWeisse style, which basically means an intensely sour light beer. Traditionally these beers are served with raspberry syrup to combat the tartness, but the extremely strong peach flavor more than eliminates the need for extra sweetness.

The aroma is VERY peachy–it was a little overpowering. The taste of peach was also a little overpowering. According to Dogfish Head, the beer is “delicately hopped”, which evidently means you won’t taste any bitterness whatsoever. I really could have gone for just a hint of hops. Something to combat the peach.

Did I mention peach? That’s really the only word you need to describe this beer. Ignoring the intense flavor, which by the end was making me a little nauseous, Festina Peche did have some good points. It’s incredibly smooth–almost silky, in fact. It is also highly carbonated, but low in %ABV (only 4.5), so it’s a good summer refresher.

I really, really didn’t like the taste of this one, but based on what I know about the style, it does what it is supposed to do–so I’ll give it a higher rating than I really want to.

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Samuel Adams: Infinium

Sadly the beer I’m reviewing isn’t available anymore (at least not anywhere in New York) but there’s still two bottles in my apartment! Today’s pick is a very interesting beer which was released just in time to ring in the New Year: Infinium.

First of all, the brewers at Sam Adam’s worked with the people at Weihenstephan, the world’s oldest brewery, to brew a different kind of beer that still met all the qualifications to be considered beer. Which is: malted barley, yeast, and water. Hops is not actually a requirement for beer, though the majority of beers include hops, as does Infinium.

Samuel Adams Infinium

Infinium is a different kind of beer. See how it’s being served in a champagne flute? This is the REAL champagne of beers. Sorry, Miller High Life. It is very carbonated (just like champagne), and has a crisp, clean, citrus-y fruity-scent. Just like champagne. See where I’m going with this?

Unfortunately the four kinds of malts kind of take over, and what you smell isn’t exactly what you taste. The four kinds of hops also seem to have disappeared as this doesn’t have much for bitterness.

I’m glad I tried Infinium, but in all honesty I wouldn’t buy it again. Especially not for the price. If it were available year round I wouldn’t buy it the way I buy Leinenkugel’s, that’s for sure. But for being a one-shot deal at this kind of beer, which will probably never be tried again, it’s not bad.

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War Horse Brewing Company: Riesling Ale

This week Eric and I took a little trip down to Geneva, NY to go on some wine tastings and get away from work for a little while. We ended up discovering War Horse, this great little “soon-to-be-legendary” (as they call it) brewery on the shores of Seneca Lake. We tried 4 beers plus their old-fashioned root beer, which was AMAZING, by the way. Can’ t beat old fashioned root beer.

While the American Black Lager, Peace Bomber Ale, and India Pale Ale were certainly good, their Riesling Ale was the star of the show.

It’s a light wheat beer base with New York Riesling grape juice in it. The result is a little fruity, high on carbonation, not too hoppy, easy to drink, and TASTY. A perfect summer beer to match the…um…snow outside. (Well, it WAS sunny, I suppose.) I could drink this beer for hours on end. Unfortunately we only brought home one bottle.

Riesling Ale is a beer for anyone. It has a clean finish (no weird aftertaste), and is a unique taste you’re not going to get from your average summer ale.

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4 stars