Ah, the elusive import beer returns to my guide. Thank you state of Delaware for having awesome beer stores.

Mac Queen’s Nessie is a whiskey malt red beer (or Scottish ale, if you want to be more general) from Schloss Eggenberg, an Austrian brewery. (You’ll have to translate that webpage, unless you speak German.)

The aroma of this beer isn’t much to speak of-it mostly smells of malt and grain. It’s just a tad cloudy with a pretty amber color. As you can see it pours with a decent amount of head. It is not very bitter at all, and tastes fruity with a bit of malt. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the whiskey anywhere in this beer, which was quite disappointing.

The beer also didn’t taste much like I’d expect a Scottish ale to. It could have used quite a bit more malt, and I’d really love to get some hints of whiskey! Overall this beer was good enough, but it didn’t have enough going on to keep me interested.

However, BeerAdvocate reviews of this beer keep mentioning something called Samiclaus. I may have to go searching for that.

If you’re looking to try a Scottish ale, go with Dark Horse Brewing Company’s Scotty Karate. It’s fantastic.