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Capital Brewery: Supper Club

I have a confession to make. I actually had a New Glarus Dancing Man Wheat before I drank this beer, but I cannot stand Hefeweizens. So there’s really no way I could have reviewed that beer objectively. According to BeerAdvocate it’s really good (averaging 96.5.) If someone wants to review it and send me the review I’d be happy to post it as a guest post!

But more about the beer I actually did drink. Today’s selection is from Capital Brewery in Madison, WI. Yes this is one of the beers I picked up on my latest trip to Wisconsin, why do you ask? Supper Club was recommended to me by my dad and just about everyone else I know in Wisconsin, but to be honest after drinking I don’t know why. Even the bottle claims it’s “not bad.” And it’s not BAD, it’s just not that great either.

I don’t know that I’d pay $2.29 for a bottle of this again.

Style: American Pale Lager. These are your standard American brews but they’re made without rice or corn like most American Light Lagers (think Bud Light or Miller Lite) are. They are sometimes called “all-malt” for this reason. They are usually still yellow and fizzy but are a bit more flavorful than the Macro Brew Lites are.

Overall Impression: “Meh” would be a good word to describe this beer. Would I drink this tailgating? Absolutely. Would I drink this at a reunion of the Monday Night Beer Club? Only if it were the best thing on tap. I’d still order this in a heartbeat over Macro Brew Lites; but I think that has more to do with it being a craft beer than the flavor. Don’t get me wrong: as I said above, this beer is not bad. But it’s nothing special and to be honest, Capital has MUCH better offerings. I’m giving this two pints though, because it is just a tad bit better than that Naked Lap Lager I reviewed many eons ago when I lived in New York.

Appearance: Dark yellow-gold, clear, very thin in appearance.

Aroma: Not much to speak of.

Taste: Somewhat malty–I can at least tell this is beer. There are no hop flavors to speak of.

Mouthfeel: Bubbly, very bubbly. This might give High Life a run for its money with the “Champagne of Beers” moniker.

Try this if you like: Miller, Bud, Coors, Michelob, etc. This has a bit more flavor though. Also try Longboard Island Lager or Yuengling. New Glarus’ Totally Naked also falls into this category but it’s much, much better.

Brauerei Schloss Eggenburg: Mac Queen’s Nessie

Ah, the elusive import beer returns to my guide. Thank you state of Delaware for having awesome beer stores.

Mac Queen’s Nessie is a whiskey malt red beer (or Scottish ale, if you want to be more general) from Schloss Eggenberg, an Austrian brewery. (You’ll have to translate that webpage, unless you speak German.)

The aroma of this beer isn’t much to speak of-it mostly smells of malt and grain. It’s just a tad cloudy with a pretty amber color. As you can see it pours with a decent amount of head. It is not very bitter at all, and tastes fruity with a bit of malt. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the whiskey anywhere in this beer, which was quite disappointing.

The beer also didn’t taste much like I’d expect a Scottish ale to. It could have used quite a bit more malt, and I’d really love to get some hints of whiskey! Overall this beer was good enough, but it didn’t have enough going on to keep me interested.

However, BeerAdvocate reviews of this beer keep mentioning something called Samiclaus. I may have to go searching for that.

If you’re looking to try a Scottish ale, go with Dark Horse Brewing Company’s Scotty Karate. It’s fantastic.

Heartland Brewery Part 2

The next edition of the Heartland Brewery macro-review will cover the Harvest Wheat and Red Rooster Ale.

So this is the Harvest Wheat. It had a citrusy aroma and an overly wheaty taste. Once I squeezed the lemon in, the wheat taste became overpowered by lemon. As you can see, it’s cloudy, so it is an unfiltered wheat beer. You don’t taste much for hops…mostly wheat. Did I mention wheat? All in all, this was not my favorite, but it wasn’t too bad.

Try this if you like: Hefeweizens



Next up is the Red Rooster Ale. Now…I’m a little biased because I absolutely love reds, and this was no exception.

I haven’t had a really good red ale in awhile. The Red Rooster cured that. It had a malty, caramely aroma and the same sort of taste. It was smoother than any other red I’ve had (probably because it was an ale and not a lager) and it was refreshingly hoppy. While I couldn’t drink this for hours, it’s definitely a beer to sip and enjoy.

Try this if you like: Sam Adam’s Irish Red, Leinenkugel’s Red, Sierra Nevada

5 Stars

Heartland Brewery Part 1

While in NYC over the past two days I went to an awesome brewpub called Heartland Brewery. The worst part about this place is that you can only get its beer here. I had a 7-beer sampler, which offers their 6 regular brews plus one of their seasonals. Not bad for $15. I’ll review the seven beers over the next couple of posts, and we’ll start with a 2-for-1!

First up, Indian River Light.

This was an excellent summer beer, reminiscent of Blue Moon, but MUCH better. It’s also not cloudy like Blue Moon. The aroma is nearly all orange with hints of coriander. The taste is the same: LOTS of orange, bits of spice, and a clean, finish. This is a great summer beer–I could drink this for hours.

Try this if you like: Blue Moon

5 Stars

Next up, Cornhusker Lager. This was a very generic lager, made with corn hops like many of the American macrobrews. The website even claims that it’s similar to Bud. No wonder I didn’t like it.

There was really no aroma to speak of. On first taste I thought “yup, this is an American lager.” It was quite bubbly (a very tingly mouthfeel,) with a mild malty taste. This definitely had more taste than your typical Bud or Miller (a plus for it), but other than that it wasn’t anything special. I’m glad I only had to drink 5 ounces of it.

Try this if you like: Bud, Miller, Heineken, Amstel

Blue Moon: Spring Blonde Wheat Ale

Yeah, yeah….Blue Moon isn’t exactly craft beer but I haven’t been drinking anything else interesting in the past week or so. I did pick up a mix-your-own six-pack at Wegman’s with some new options so expect a lot of reviews soon!

So, here it is. The Spring Blonde Wheat Ale (Blue Moon’s spring seasonal) is a clear golden ale. There isn’t much for aroma, and the mouthfeel isn’t anything but tingly. On first sip, you can tell it’s a wheat beer. It’s a little bit fruity,  and a little bit sweet. It tastes pretty good on first gulp, but the aftertaste is kind of weird. It’s hard to explain…just not a very good taste left in my mouth.

The picture isn’t very good. I really must bring my camera with me, but I didn’t think Buffalo Wild Wings would have anything even worth blogging about. This beer got better if I took bigger gulps, but that odd after taste never left me.

Try this if you like: Other Blue Moon beers. This wasn’t great, but not bad.