Hi. I’m Robin. Nice to meet you. I’m a 24-year old beer-loving woman. Bottoms up!

I won’t even claim to know everything about beer. Here’s what I do know:

1. Craft beer is where it’s at.
2. I brew my own beer with my boyfriend Eric. Watch for some reviews, coming soon! I also will occasionally review my friends’ homebrews.
3. I’m not a beer sommelier (aka a cicerone), so you won’t find any pretentiousness here. I’m all about “pub people.”

Here’s the thing. I’m here to help introduce good craft beers to the larger crowd. There is so much great beer out there, but so many people don’t know it exists because they only drink MillerCoorsBudweiser. I have nothing personally against the large beer corporations, but their products are so BORING compared to what’s out there. Ever tried Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, or War Horse’s Riesling Ale? No? Well, then come on in!

Hopefully you’ll find something here worth tasting.